PERSPECTIVAS DE LA SEGURIDAD ENERGÉTICA EUROPEA EN EL MEDITERRÁNEO: EU external engagement and the Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation: Between Regional initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

In parallel with the development of the internal energy market (IEM), the EU has gradually increased its external engagement on energy. This engagement has taken different forms, namely the externalisation of EU energy policy, the integration of energy policy objectives into external policies and energy diplomacy. The latter is mainly exemplified by the EU’s direct

involvement in promoting new gas supply routes, diversification and infrastructure, as with the Southern Gas Corridor. This form is less-developed and more problematic due to the limited resources and authority the EU has in this regard. On the other hand, the externalisation of EU energy policy is the most significant (and traditional) form of EU external engagement. This form is also indicated as the «external dimension» of the EU internal energy market or the external face of the EU regulatory state.

Andrea Prontera
Profesor Titular Relaciones Internacionales, Instituciones y Políticas de la UE, Universidad de Macerata. Italia (Assistant Professor of International Relations and EU Institutions and Policies at the University of Macerata. Italy)

Palabras claves:
relaciones exteriores de la UE; cooperación euromediterránea; seguridad energética;

REDI Vol. 71 1 2019




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