EL LEGADO DE LA SOCIEDAD DE NACIONES: The Legacy of the League of Nations: Continuity or Change?

A legacy is something left by a predecessor to its successor, in this case from the League of Nations to the United Nations (UN). Here «legacy» is understood broadly to mean what aspects of the League have proved foundational to today’s international order, but also what aspects have been rejected in the post-1945 world. The drafters of the successor organisation had a choice as to which legacies to accept and which to reject, at least in terms of institutional structures and powers but, it will be argued, less so in terms of the continuity of the international legal order.

Nigel D. White
Profesor de Derecho Internacional Público. Universidad de Nottingham. Reino Unido (Professor of Public International Law, University of Nottingham United Kingdom). nigel.white@nottingham.ac.uk

Palabras claves:
Charter; Covenant; League of Nations; United Nations;

REDI Vol. 71 2 2019




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