Style Guide

Quick overview

By default the editorial rules corresponding to the “Estudios” will apply to all sections.

The authors must keep in mind the following basic indications:

Editorial: between 3,000 and 8,500 characters; no abstract or summary; 3 to 5 keywords; footnotes are allowed.

Estudios: 80,000 characters maximum (including spaces and footnotes); keywords (maximum 10), summary and abstract both in English and Spanish.

Foro: 20,000 characters maximum (including spaces and footnotes); 3 to 5 keywords; summary and abstract in English and Spanish are not compulsory but highly recommended.

Práctica Española: a contribution to the section “Práctica Española” shall follow the editorial rules applicable to the Foro, with 3 to 5 keywords.

Bibliografía: 6,000 characters maximum, including spaces. Footnotes are not allowed (references may be included in the text, in brackets).

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