Editorial guidelines

Quick overview

By default the editorial rules corresponding to the “Estudios” will apply to all sections. All rules can be found here.

The authors must keep in mind the following basic indications:

Editorial: between 3,000 and 8,500 characters; no abstract or summary; 3 to 5 keywords; footnotes are allowed.

Estudios: 80,000 characters maximum (including spaces and footnotes ); keywords (maximum 10), summary and abstract both in English and Spanish.

Foro: 20,000 characters maximum (including spaces and footnotes ) 3 to 5 keywords; summary and abstract in English and Spanish are not compulsory but highly recommended.

Práctica Española: it may adopt the form of a Estudio (thus submitted to the peer evaluation process), or of a doctrinal text of shorter extension. A contribution to the section “Práctica Española” shall follow the editorial rules foreseen for the Estudios or the Foro, depending on the type of contribution submitted for consideration.

Bibliografía: 6,000 characters maximum, including spaces. Footnotes are not allowed (references may be included in the text, in brackets).