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REDI Vol. LXV 2 2013

Did we really cede The Rock? Spain’s strategic options for Gibraltar 300 years after the Treaty of Utrecht

REDI Vol. 71 1 2019

The united nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples: a milestone in the process of recognition of indigenous rights

REDI Vol. 71 2 2019

THE LEGACY OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS: The Legacy of the League of Nations: Continuity or Change?

REDI Vol. 72 2 2020

75 YEARS OF THE UNITED NATIONS: Some Theoretical Considerations on the Current Relevance of the United Nations

75 YEARS OF THE UNITED NATIONS: The UN and the Idea of «Sustaining Peace» in a Multipolar World

REDI Vol. 73 1 2021

Rescuing a norm from oblivion: art. VIII of the Genocide Convention and the Responsibility To Protect

REDI Vol. 73 2 2021

MIGRATIONS AND ASYLUM: ANALYSIS AND PERSPECTIVES: The human right to leave a country, including one’s own: exceptions to the rule