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Articles published under the keyword: international relations

REDI Vol. 69 2 2017

El Tribunal Constitucional y la Ley catalana de acción exterior y de relaciones con la Unión Europea

REDI Vol. 71 1 2019

International Relations in Russia: Development, Approaches, and Debates

Parliamentary Diplomacy: the Role of Parliaments in the World

REDI Vol. 71 2 2019

FEMINISMO Y RELACIONES INTERNACIONALES: Un siglo de feminismo en Relaciones Internacionales

REDI Vol. 72 1 2020

The Russian Foreign Policy and Its Relation With the West. An Approach From Neoclassical Realism

REDI Vol. 73 2 2021

MIGRATIONS AND ASYLUM: ANALYSIS AND PERSPECTIVES: International mobility and the market of safe migration through the Critical Theory of International Relations