human rights

Articles published under the keyword: human rights

REDI Vol. 71 1 2019

Considerations on the Distinction Between Form and Substance in International Law (Public and Private)

REDI Vol. 70 2 2018

The Ruggie Principles and the 2030 Agenda. A Future of Reciprocal Influences to be Explored

REDI Vol. 69 2 2017

WikiLeaks, Assange and the future of diplomatic asylum

REDI Vol. 69 1 2017

An international Sports Law? Some reflections about a branch of Public International Law in statu nascendi

REDI Vol. 68 1 2016

European policy of control of exports of conventional arms and human security: mechanisms to promote respect for human rights

REDI Vol. LXVII 2 2015

Human rights and the exclusive power of the State to confer citizenship

REDI Vol. LXVI 1 2014

A new framework for the relationship between the Spanish Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights

REDI Vol. LXV 2 2013

Private International Law facing corporate human rights violations and the response of the EU

REDI Vol. LXIV 1 2012

The integration of human rights in the work of the World Bank: the Complicance Advisor/Ombudsman

REDI Vol. LXII 2 2010

Religion as a «social fact»: some perspectives on the contemporary world system