REDI Vol. 73 1 2021

Editor: Marcial Pons, Ediciones Jurídicas y Sociales
ISSN: 0034-9380
e-ISSN: 2387-1253
Madrid, 2021


Desantes Real, Manuel: International private law and the European Union: Thoughts on the legacy of Professor José Luis Iglesias Buhigues


Arredondo, Ricardo: Diplomacy, espionage and world order: The closure of consular offices of China and the United States

Campo Comba, María: EU private international law and application of EU directives protecting weaker contracting parties

De Castro Ruano, José Luis: Seeking a new more satisfactory model for the insertion of Constitutional Regions in the EU. The opportunity of the Conference on the Future of Europe

De Faramiñán Gilbert, Juan Manuel: New proposals for sustainable development in the outer space

López Belloso, María: New technologies for the promotion and defense of human rights

Loyo Cabezudo, Joana: The «interests of justice» as a key in the Rome Statute: Its controversial use in the case of Afghanistan

Moreno Rodríguez, José Antonio: The new guide of the Organization of American States and the law applicable to international commercial contracts (part I)

Pezzano, Luciano: Rescuing a norm from oblivion: art. VIII of the Genocide Convention and the Responsibility To Protect

Sánchez Fernández, Sara: The Hague Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: Architecture and some selected issues

Sánchez Ramos, Belén: Pathogens sharing, public health and the Nagoya Protocol: opportunities and challenges

Trujillo del Arco, Ángela: The de facto fight against human trafficking in Spain and the international responsibility of the State


Gardeñes Santiago, Miguel; Abad Castelos, Montserrat; Grasa Hernández, Rafael: Introductory note: Corporations, human rights and covid-19

Bordignon, Marta: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Corporations, human rights and covid-19: The role of the State and international cooperation in times of crisis. A perspective on Italy

Churruca Muguruza, Cristina: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Corporations, human rights and covid-19: An opportunity to promote global governance

Bright, Claire; Bueno, Nicolás; Pietropaoli, Irene: PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW: Corporations, human rights and covid-19: The duty of the State to protect workers’ health and employment

Márquez Carrasco, Carmen; Iglesias Márquez, Daniel: PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW: Corporations, human rights and covid-19: The responsible corporate behaviour in the new normality

Diago Diago, Mª Pilar: PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW: Human rights violations in supply chains in times of pandemic: reactions to private international law and due diligence

Zamora Cabot, Francisco Javier; Chiara Marullo, María: PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW: Corporations and human rights under the pandemic: Perspective from private international law (general and selected industries)

Spanish practice of international law

Vázquez Rodríguez, Beatriz: STUDIES ON SPANISH INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE: The Spanish Supreme Court Sentence of 12th February 2020: Is the judicial review a useful path to improve the effectiveness of advisory opinions adopted by Committees of Humans Rights?

Ripoll Soler, Antonio: STUDIES ON SPANISH PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE: The notarial enforcement of foreign law


Book reviews