Research Lines

International Public Law and International Relations


Private International Law

o International civil procedural law in a broad sense: international jurisdiction, cross-border judicial cooperation and recognition and enforcement of foreign resolutions. Special attention will be paid to the most recent EU PIL Regulations, Hague Conventions or domestic PIL provisions in the field.

o Succession law, with special reference to Regulation 650/2012 on successions.

o Cross-border insolvency, with special reference to Regulation 2015/848 on insolvency proceedings.

o Matrimonial property and property of registered partnerships, with special attention to Regulation 2016/1103 on matrimonial economic regimes and Regulation 2016/1104 on the property consequences of registered partnerships

o Recognition of public documents issued on EU countries, with special reference to Regulation 2016/1191.

Manuscripts addressing the interpretation and application of the legal texts listed below (case law of the CJEU, national and comparative case law, both judicial and extrajudicial), or the relationships between them would fall under the scope of this research line.

o Consumer protection

o Data protection

o Intellectual property rights

o Competition law and private actions

o Law of new technologies

o Brexit and Private International Law.