Editorial lines

In the fields of Public International Law and International Relations

International legal instruments in the fight against terrorism

Refugees, immigration and expulsion orders

The new US administration and changes in US foreign policy.

The Asian perspective of international law

Drones and international law

The Rule of Law in International Law

Bréxit and public international law

Law of the sea and climate change

Diplomacy of the Wikileaks era

The new geopolitical setting in the Middle East: rivalry Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

In the field of Private International Law

A) Studies on recent legislative developments or specific aspects of them, both internally and within the EU or other fora, in particular:

o         International civil procedural law in the broad sense: international judicial jurisdiction, international judicial assistance and recognition and enforcement of foreign rulings. Special attention will be given to Regulation 1215/2012 on jurisdiction and recognition and enforcement in civil and commercial matters, Regulation 655/2014 on the European order for retention of accounts, or the 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Forum, as well as the aspects of DPCI contained in the Regulations on succession, insolvency and economic regime of registered marriages and couples. Special attention will also be given to the provisions of IPPC contained in rules of internal origin, such as the Voluntary Jurisdiction Act and the Law on International Legal Cooperation in Civil Matters.

o         Succession law, with special reference to the Regulation 650/2012 on inheritance.

o         Cross-border insolvency, with special reference to Regulation 2015/848 on insolvency proceedings.

o         Economic regime of marriages and registered couples, with special attention to Regulation 2016/1103 on matrimonial economic regimes and Regulation 2016/1104 on patrimonial effects of registered unions.

o         Admission of public documents issued by authorities of EU countries, with special reference to Regulation 2016/1191 on simplification of the requirements for the presentation of certain public documents in the EU.

o         Bréxit and Private International Law

Studies tracking the interpretation and application of these texts (ECJ case law, national and foreign judicial or other authorities’ practice), the relationships between them (for instance, Regulation 1215/2012 and the Unified Patent Court Agreement; the insolvency regulation 2015 and the Spanish insolvency act 2003 as amended), or with other pieces of legislation (for example Regulation 606/2013 and Directive 2012/29 / EU), fall under this editorial line.

B) Studies touching upon issues of relevance for cross-border relations, in particular:

Consumer Protection

Data Protection

Intellectual property

Competition law and private actions

Law of the new technologies