Antonio Remiro Brotons

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REDI Vol. 70 1 2018

La «cuestión catalana»

Recensión del libro: Global Challenges in the Arctic Region. Sovereignty, environment and geopolitical balance, Londres-Nueva York, Routledge, 2017, X + 464 pp. de Conde Pérez, E. e Iglesias Sánchez, S. (eds.)

Recesión de libros: Statehood under Water. Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Islands States, Leiden-Boston, Brill/Nijhoff, 2016 de Torres Camprubí, A.

REDI Vol. 72 1 2020

Editorial: Declaration of Principles turns fifty years old

REDI Vol. 73 2 2021

Comments about the Judgement of 1 October 2018 of the International Court of Justice on the case Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean (Bolivia v. Chile)