The Regulatory Framework Project in Spain for Alternative Conflict Resolution: New Prospects for Consumer Claims?

Nuria Marchal Escalona

With Law 7/2017, the legislator intends to favor the development and qualification of alternative consumer dispute resolution systems to promote consumer confidence, although this task has not yet finished. Proof of this is the legislative initiative presented by the Spanish legislator for conflict resolution in the field of air transport and in which an ad hoc procedure is designed for this type of claims. Its general assessment, although positive, is susceptible to improvement for its complete adaptation to European Law and Law 7/2007.

However, we believe that it is necessary for the Spanish legislator to bet on the development of joint and coordinated channels of action between the RAL entities and the judicial system. Consumer confidence would be greater if the RAL entities help facilitate the resolution of litigation in the judicial process, and the new Draft Law to promote mediation seems to be the opportunity to materialize this purpose, by opting in this area for a change of model oriented towards the «mitigated mandatory mediation». A model of mediation that, as we have shown, does not violate either the principle of autonomy of the will or that

of effective judicial protection. In addition, we believe that this legislative initiative could be a great opportunity to help facilitate the resolution of litigation arising in the field of consumer law. However, it is an initiative in which there is scope for improvement.

1. INTRODUCCIÓN.—2. LAS RECLAMACIONES EN EL SECTOR DEL TRANSPORTE AÉREO: LAS LÍNEAS BÁSICAS ESTABLECIDAS EN LA LEY 7/2017.—3. ANÁLISIS DE LA NUEVA INICIATIVA LEGISLATIVA SOBRE RESOLUCIÓN ALTERNATIVA DE CONSUMO EN EL ÁMBITO DEL TRANSPORTE AÉREO.—3.1. Ámbito de aplicación.—3.2. El procedimiento de resolución de controversias en el ámbito del transporte aéreo.—3.3. La adaptación de la iniciativa proyectada al marco estatal de resolución alternativa de litigios de consumo.—3.3.1. Principios de independencia, imparcialidad y eficacia.—3.3.2. Principios de equidad, libertad y legalidad.—4. HACIA LA «MEDIACIÓN OBLIGATORIA MITIGADA » EN EL SISTEMA JURÍDICO ESPAÑOL.—4.1. Introducción.—4.2. ¿Es viable la mediación extrajudicial de consumo en España?—5. CONCLUSIONES.

alternative litigation resolution; claims in the air transport sector; European Law; extrajudicial consumer mediation; Spanish law;

REDI Vol. 71 2 2019




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