The European Union in the Transition Towards Climate Neutrality: Challenges and Strategies to Implement the Paris Agreement

Beatriz Pérez de las Heras

The Paris Agreement represents the international community’s commitment to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 ºC by mid-century. As a regional organization of integration, the European Union (EU) was the first to adopt a legally binding framework to address the achievement of this global objective. Known as the «2030 climate-energy package», the expected results of this framework in terms of emission reductions do not correspond to what would be a sufficient contribution from the EU to its international commitments. In addition, perspectives indicate that the progress made by the EU so far will not be sufficient

to meet its climate and energy targets by 2030. These predictions also jeopardize the EU’s ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. To accelerate the process, the European Commission has proposed the European Green Deal, a new integrated strategic framework that should guide the EU internal and external action towards climate neutrality and sustainability in the next decade. Its effective implementation involves a systemic transformation whose accomplishment will require a good dose of political will and a concerted action between public officials, economic agents and society as a whole.

1. INTRODUCCIÓN.—2. EL PAQUETE 2030 CLIMA Y ENERGÍA DE LA UE: UNA CONTRIBUCIÓN INSUFICIENTE PARA CUMPLIR LOS COMPROMISOS INTERNACIONALES.— 2.1. El Acuerdo de París: desfase entre objetivo global y esfuerzos colectivos.— 2.2. Los objetivos UE de descarbonización para 2030: irrealizables y discordantes con el Acuerdo de París.—3. NUEVAS ESTRATEGIAS PARA CONSEGUIR LA NEUTRALIDAD CLIMÁTICA EN 2050.—3.1. El Pacto Verde Europeo: la descarbonización como oportunidad para promover la sostenibilidad.—3.2. Impulsando la transición mundial hacia el desarrollo sostenible.—4. CONCLUSIÓN.

2030 climate-energy package; climate neutrality; European Green Deal; European Union; Paris Agreement; sostenibilidad; sustainability.;

REDI Vol. 72 2 2020




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