Seeking a new more satisfactory model for the insertion of Constitutional Regions in the EU. The opportunity of the Conference on the Future of Europe

J.L. De Castro

The so-called Constitutional Regions, i. e. those Regions with legislative power recognized in their constitutional framework, have not found satisfactory channels of representation and effective participation in the European Union. The Conference on the Future of Europe, which will reflect on the model of the European Union for the near future, gives us an opportunity to take up this reflection again. The next EU reform should allow channeling the demands of these unique Regional. Federal progress and regional recognition are two parallel processes that must be developed simultaneously. In this article, we review the state of affairs in historical perspective in order to assess the current unsatisfactory situation. We also launch some ideas to find a new more satisfactory model for the insertion of Constitutional Regions in the EU. In any case, this new model must provide for differentiated representation in favor of Constitutional Regions.

INTRODUCCIÓN. LA OPORTUNIDAD QUE BRINDA LA CONFERENCIA SOBRE EL FUTURO DE EUROPA.—2. LA INSERCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LAS REGIONES EN LA UNIÓN EUROPEA.—2.1. La reforma operada por el Tratado de Maastricht.—2.2. La Gobernanza Multinivel.—3. EL TRATADO DE LISBOA: NUEVA FASE EN LA CUESTIÓN REGIONAL.—3.1. Retomando la agenda regional.—3.2. Las Regiones y el control de la Subsidiariedad.— 4. LAS DEBILIDADES DEL RECONOCIMIENTO REGIONAL EN LA UNIÓN EUROPEA.—4.1. La fatiga regional en el debate comunitario.—4.2. Las limitaciones del Comité de las Regiones.—4.3. La ineficiencia de la Gobernanza Multinivel.—5. LAS «SOLUCIONES» INTERNAS.—6. OTRAS PROPUESTAS DE INSERCIÓN REGIONAL EN LA UNIÓN EUROPEA.—7. CONCLUSIONES

Conference on the Future of Europe; Constitutional Regional; Legislative Regions; Multilevel Governance; principle of subsidiarity; The Committee of the Regions; The Role of the Regions in the EU;

REDI Vol. 73 1 2021




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