Radicales y reformistas en el Islam (sobre el uso de la violencia)

Cesáreo Gutiérrez Espada
Catedrático Emérito de Derecho Internacional Público y Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad de Murcia (Emeritus Professor International Law and International Relations, University of Murcia. Spain) cgutesp@um.es

This article analyses the meaning of the concept of yihad in the Islam. It concludes that the yihad as Holy War was the predominant concept in the traditional Islamic Law (fiqh).The article also studies that the above mentioned medieval concept is defended today by certain sectors of radical Islamism. Opposite to this position, there are other voices in the islamic world which proclaim peace and conciliation with other civilizations.

1. La concepción islamistas del uso de la violencia: A. Precursores. B. Y contemporáneos.– 2. Del reformismo fracasado.–3. Al neoreformismo en el Islam.–4. «En el nombre de Dios, el Clemente, el Misericordioso».

REDI Vol. LXI 1 2009



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