Parliamentary Diplomacy: the Role of Parliaments in the World

Stelios Stavridis
Investigador Senior ARAID, Universidad de Zaragoza (Senior researcher ARAID, University of Zaragoza)

This study is about parliamentary diplomacy. It begins by asking if it is an oxymoron or a reality. It explains how, after having initially been of the realm of practitioners alone, now there is also academic interest in it. The article shows how from its initial meaning of «conference diplomacy», both the concept itself and its practice now represent a new form of diplomacy. The essay includes several illustrations of this practice and also mentions International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs) as further empirical evidence of the «parliamentarization » of global affairs but also as yet another practical example of parliamentary


SUMARIO: 1. INTRODUCCIÓN.—2. DIPLOMACIA PARLAMENTARIA: ¿OXÍMORON O REALIDAD?— 2.1. De narrar una práctica al interés académico por esa práctica.—2.2. «Pre-historia » de la diplomacia parlamentaria.—2.3. Medios e instrumentos parlamentarios para la acción internacional.—2.4. Hacia una conceptualización de la diplomacia parlamentaria: la aportación académica.—3. EJEMPLOS DE DIPLOMACIA PARLAMENTARIA: CARACTERÍSTICAS Y FUNCIONES.—3.1. Flexibilidad/informalidad.—3.2. Complementariedad o alternativa.—3.3. Contribución a resolución de conflictos.—3.4. Tribunas morales.—4. LAS INSTITUCIONES PARLAMENTARIAS INTERNACIONALES (IPI) COMO DIPLOMACIA PARLAMENTARIA.—5. CONCLUSIONES.

International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs); international relations; new forms of diplomacy; parliamentarization; parliamentary diplomacy;

REDI Vol. 71 1 2019




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