MIGRATIONS AND ASYLUM: ANALYSIS AND PERSPECTIVES: International mobility and the market of safe migration through the Critical Theory of International Relations

Waldimeiry Correa da Silva

This article aims to analyze the regular migration that occurs through Golden Visa from the application of the critical theory of International Relations (IR). The preliminary hypothesis for the study assumes that Golden Visa represent the binomial of inclusion and

exclusion observed by critical theory. This study carries out a thematic literature review that seeks to answer the following questions: What is the Golden Visa? How are Golden Visa perceived in the context of contemporary migrations? How are they explained by critical

theory? The final part delves into the three key elements of critical theory: the contestation of the liberal international order, the transformation of intersubjective meanings and the dialectical confrontation caused by the Golden Visa system.

1. CONSIDERACIONES INICIALES.—2. LOS GOLDEN VISA COMO ≪EL DORADO≫ DE LA MIGRACIÓN SEGURA.—2.1. La regulación de los Golden Visa en el contexto español.—2.2. Los visados dorados como modelo de migración regular, segura y neoliberal.— 3. LAS MIGRACIONES CONTEMPORÁNEAS A PARTIR DE UNA APROXIMACIÓN CRÍTICA.—3.1. Las migraciones contemporáneas y la ciudadanía.—4. CONSIDERACIONESFINALES DESDE EL MARCO ANALÍTICO DE LA TEORÍA CRÍTICA.

autonomía de las migraciones; autonomy of migrations; contemporary migrations; critical theory; Golden Visa; inclusión-exclusión; international relations; migraciones contemporáneas; relaciones internacionales; teoría crítica;

REDI Vol. 73 2 2021




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