The Spanish journal of international law or Revista Española de Derecho Internacional (REDI) is currently published by the Spanish Association of International Law and International Relations Professors (AEPDIRI). The REDI was founded in 1948. Given the multidisciplinary profile of its members, the journal publishes works on public international law, private international law and international relations.

Our purpose: the REDI is a scholarly journal that provides, after a double blind review process by independent experts external to the Editorial Board, a forum for reflection and academic debate among legal scholars and political scientists within the Spanish, European and international scientific community, with particular attention to Latin America.

The REDI seeks to help build theoretical and practical knowledge from an analytical, critical and axiological perspective. It focuses on international organizations and institutions that make up the existing public and private international law, and that shape the relevant events and contexts of international relations. We thus contribute to the role assumed by international law as a promoter of peace, justice and cooperation among the international community with the ultimate aim of fostering economic and social development as well as maintaining international peace and security.

The REDI is published bi-annually (in February and September), both in paper (ISSN: 0034-9380) and electronically (e-ISSN: 2387-1253).

The journal is governed by the General Guidelines and the Best practice code. Instructions for contributors can be accessed clicking Contributions and Style Guide.

The REDI provides for the widest possible open online access (OA) in order to contribute to a global knowledge community. Access to the last two issues is restricted, but the authors are allowed to publish their works on their personal website and institutional repositories. All volumes from 2006 on are accessible under published issues as well as via online platforms (Dialnet). All issues since 1948 are available online in Heinonline and Jstor.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Jorge CARDONA LLORENS, Professor of International Public Law and International Relations, Universidad de Valencia (jorge.cardona@uv.es).

The Spanish International Law Journal (REDI) is certified as a journal of excellent scientific  and editorial quality by "Fundación Española de Ciencia y Tecnología".

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<style="text-align: center;">The Journal is a member of the Latin America Network of International Law Journals (RELAREDI)

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Editor: Marcial Pons, Ediciones Jurídicas y Sociales
ISSN: 0034-9380
e-ISSN: 2387-1253
Madrid, 2022